Bespoke Designed Wallpaper

Create your own or we can create one for you.

If nothing quite meets the mark - why not create your own or let us create one for you with our bespoke service. We conceptualise your vision through a series of consultations to make sure that you end up with the perfect design for your home!

Just 4 Simple Steps

To create the wallpaper of your dreams

Make contact

Step 1

It's really easy! We send you a 'Brief Sheet' which prompts a few simple questions to help us gain an insight into what you are looking for. It takes just a few minutes to fill out and is the first step towards your perfect wallpaper design. Simply, email it back to us to progress your design to the next step.

Creative collaboration

Step 2

Using Pinterest, we work together to create a mood board which looks at styles, colours and textures that match your expectations. This creative process is collaborative, so you’re with us throughout the entire journey.

Design & Development

Step 3

Now we’re starting to develop form and shape, we submit three initial designs based on the outcome of step 2. Working as a team, those ideas are tweaked (where applicable) until you are happy with the final design. Once this is completed, a swatch is posted to you as a proof of the colour and stock we provide.

Printed, packaged, posted

Step 4

After any changes and with your approval to go to print, the design is then sent to our production team. It will have your signature printed on the footer of the last roll of the design to show that it's your very own wallpaper - just for you.

Bespoke design, bespoke price

Like any commissioned work of art the cost very much depends on the brief. Once we know what you really want, our designers have a good idea of how long it will take to create, how much wallpaper material is needed and the cost of production. Asking doesn't cost you a penny.