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The Benefits of Self-Adhesive Wall-Murals

Find out why you should give this new technique a try!

It’s no secret that wall coverings have made a comeback in recent years. However, traditional wall décor techniques and styles have had a renovation and resurfaced with modern alternatives.

It’s no longer a case of choosing between paint and traditional wallpaper, the options available nowadays are surprising. One of these options is the increasingly popular, self-adhesive wall-mural.

Self-adhesive wall-murals are a great alternative to using traditional wallpaper or wall-murals that requires paste. There are many benefits for choosing a self-adhesive wall mural for your home – some of these are listed below.

1. Simply, peel and stick!

One of the best things about self-adhesive is that you do not need any paste or adhesive to install your wall mural. All you need to do is peel the paper backing away from the product and stick it to the surface. This can make things a whole lot easier as pasting can be time consuming, and let’s not forget the mess!

Our tip: Install your mural with at least two people – having a second pair of hands can make life easier.

2. Easy to remove

Traditional wallpaper has a reputation for its laborious removal process; steamers, soapy water and a million scrapers. Forget that! Simply, peel a corner of the paper, slowly pull away the section and your wall will be left as it was originally. This is why self-adhesive is a great option for renters as the simple and undamaging removal process can eliminate the chance of an angry landlord!

Our tip: The removal process is even easier if the wall underneath was prepped and primed properly before the installation.

self-adhesive wall mural

3. Reusable

As long as you take care of your wall mural whilst removing it from a surface, you should be able to reuse it. This is ideal for people who are moving to a new house and would want to take their mural with them. Make sure you consider the size of the space you want to move it to – its new home needs to be smaller than the previous home as you can’t make the mural bigger.

Our tip: Keep the original paper backing of the mural to make it easier to transport and keep clean.